Christian Education

Church School

(Sundays @ 9:15AM)
Bro. Paris Brown, Christian Ed Director 
Bro. Keith Lewis, Superintendent
Bro. Alex Tilghman, Assistant Superintendent
Sis. Dianne Burton, Children's Church Coordinator
Beginners' Class
Children listen to and learn about the Bible through stories and artistic activities.
Teacher - Sis. Mary Hendrix
Preschool (PK 2 - PK 4)
Classroom 7
A new, dynamic and open-minded look at adult Sunday school with a focus on asking unique spiritual questions, exploring doubts, and sharing personal theologies and faith based traditions.
Teacher - Rev. George DeLilly
26 - 40 years old
Classroom 2
Primary Class
Children learn about our Lord and Savior by reading the lesson scriptures and discussing how the lesson applies to their daily life.
Teacher - Sis. Cassandra Barber
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Classroom 3
Young Matrons
An intense discussion and class participation of past and present life situations
Teachers - Sis. Lillian Roberts & Sis. Bola Tilghman
CK Hodge Conference Room
Junior Class
Children learn about obeying God's word by reading the lesson scriptures, discussing its meaning and how lessons apply to their life experiences.
Teacher - 
3rd - 5th Grade
Classroom 3
Matrons' Class
A thorough examination of each lesson thereby developing an understanding of God's plan for Christian living.
Teachers - Bro. Keith Lewis &
Sis. Mamie Hodge 
Intermediate Class
Teacher - TBD
6th - 8th Grade
Location TBD
Bible History Class
An in-depth study of the Standard Sunday School Quarterly with a focus on gaining knowledge and understanding from additional scripture references.
Teacher - Sis. Dianne Burton
Conference Room A
Senior Class
The teens and young adults in this popular class learn conceptual ways to become better Christians. They relate Biblical stories to their lives and apply the lessons to their work here on earth.
Teacher- Sis. Christine Abron
9th - 12th Grade
Classroom 6
Upstairs Class
Learn more about the Bible and God's saving grace in our lives through the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Teacher - Rev. Harry Cleveland
Ida Lillian Cleveland Library
College Class
Teacher TBD
18 - 26 years old
Location TBD
Men's Bible Class
A focus on values, beliefs and responsibilities relating to issues of Christian men.
Teacher - Bro. Edward Cleveland
L.A. Atkins Conference Room

bible study

Wednesdays @ 6:30PM
Bible Discovery (6:30PM) Rev. Dr. G.V. Eason Sr.


New members class

Lesson 1 - God's Plan of Salvation
Lesson 2 - AME Church History
Lesson 3 - AME Church Doctrine & Discipline
Lesson 4 - Christian Growth &  Development
Lesson 5 - Christian Stewardship
Lesson 6 - Spiritual Gifts
Lesson 7 - Finding Your Place