Church Life

Class leaders' council

The Class Leaders’ Council is a organizational unit of the AME Church. It connects each member to the local church. The Class Leaders’ Council organizes all class leaders for the purpose of keeping them abreast of the Church’s membership. The class leaders’ responsibility is to provide support to their assigned members by visiting and communicating with them,listening to and praying with and for them. They also act as liaisons to the Pastor and the Official Board on the well-being of their assigned members. Class leaders must also motivate the members to attend and participate in the Church and its related activities and events.

A Class Leader Is:

  1. Appointed by the Pastor once the Class Leader requirements are met.
  2. The Interface between the ministerial staff and the members of the Church.
  3. To Communicate regularly with their class members by phone, letter, email, visits or social gatherings.
  4. To Provide advice, guidance and counsel and be a listening ear to their concerns and or issues of their class members.
  5. A Part of the spiritual support structure of the Church.
  6. A Class Leader signs and recommits annually to being a Class Leader.
  7. A class is usually composed of twelve or more persons.

Health & Wellness Commission

The Health & Wellness Commission promotes nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, wellness education, health fairs and health screenings providing help to other ministries and outside organizations who wish to promote healthy lifestyles.

Memorial Board 

The coordination of celebrations of life in consultation with the pastor and family of the deceased.