Pastoral Support

olin winfrey steward board

 Members of the Steward Board at Flipper Temple are the spiritual lay leaders of the church. In that important spiritual leadership role, they attend to, and are held accountable for, the church’s overall spiritual and financial health and renewal. The Stewards collect and manage all funds received by the church, and they ensure that adequate provisions are made for the salary, travel, and comforts of the Senior Pastor and his/her family. As the Pastor’s “cabinet,” the Stewards assist him/her in promoting and following his/her God-given vision for Flipper Temple’s growth and progress. The members of the Board of Stewards are selected by the Senior Pastor and confirmed by the Quarterly Conference.

 Robert Threatt Trustee Board

 The Flipper Temple Board of Trustees are elected by the congregation to manage all of the temporal concerns of the church, such as matters relating to its physical plant and facilities. Trustees are nominated by the Senior Pastor and selected by a vote of the church membership.

 Board of Stewardesses

The Board of Stewardesses of Flipper Temple are responsible for preparing the church altar before each Sunday service, to ensure that the Communion linens and utensils are clean and that the altar rail is dressed. During Sunday services—when they are required to dress in white garments for special visibility and to sit together at the front of the church, close to the altar—members of the Board of Stewardesses assist at the altar during Baptisms, prayers, confessions, and re-dedications. Members of the Board of Stewardesses are nominated by a member of the Board of Stewards and approved by the Senior Pastor.


Deaconess board


Deaconesses are set apart and consecrated by the bishop of the district after selection by the pastor and the Official Board.

The duties of the deaconesses shall be to encourage, foster and improve the general interests of the church; promote the comfort and solicit the friendship and sympathy of the general public; cheer the fallen; feed the hungry; clothe the naked; seek out the homeless; encourage thrift; visit mental health institutions and prisons, and save the lost.


Pastor's Aide Board